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"Hi! I'm Beth. Unapologetic coffee addict, baby-wearing enthusiast, cloth diaper advocate, amateur photographer, and mama blogger. I stay home with our two babes and try to be the best wife I can be to Eric. I'm completely obsessed with green living and supporting small business. It's a perfect day when I can do both. In my "free time" I love to hang out with my husband and contemplate the complexities of life, especially parenting. Thank you for following along with me on this crazy journey known as parenthood."

Introducing Jenin Paradise, our newest brand ambassador!

Please welcome our newest brand ambassador, Jenin Paradise.
Jenin Paradise, Owner + Founder of Planning For Paradise - An event planning business that specializes in styling + design, began Planning For Paradise, Literally as an outlet for her abundance of creative ideas for the fashionably conscious that aspire to live beautifully - from everything babyish to pretty. A mommy by choice + event planning guru by trade, this is the perfect getaway to stash her ongoing obsessions. Join her on her journey through life as a wife + new mama, while she will forever be, Planning For Paradise.
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Please welcome our newest brand ambassador, Katie Brown.

Katie Brown is the author of a lifestyle and parenting blog entitled All Things Lovely. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Kurtis, and mother to their 1 year old, Sawyer. She strives to make motherhood easier for women by providing tips, tricks, and favorite product recommendations for their little ones. At All Things Lovely you will find information on motherhood, dressing your postpartum body, yummy recipes, tutorials, family fun, and encouragement on making your home a more natural place.

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The Shadow Rule

A good rule of thumb when outside is the shadow rule. If your shadow is shorter than you - than seek the shade. The sun is at it's peak between the hours of 10 - 4. This is the most likely time for sunburns and skin damage occurring from the sun's UV rays.  It's best to avoid playing in the direct sunlight during this time. 

So just look down at your shadow! 

Spring Cleaning


As spring has arrived there is any number of spring cleaning chores that can be done around the house. Opening the windows for the nice fresh airs reveals filthy window seals, the screened in porch needs a good wash down and the list goes on and on. 

On the top of the list of “things to do” for spring is to get your sun protection gear lined up and ready to go. The sun is out and shining bright and we should be sun smart from sun up to sun down (or at the very least between the hours of 10 am – 4 pm).  Try keeping sun protection gear in one spot so you can easily access it before heading out the door. For example at my house we keep everything in baskets by the back door. 

Sun Protection Tips for Spring

  • Sunscreen expires so check the date and toss any tubes that have expired.
  • Remember to apply sunscreen 15 minutes prior to going out.
  • Always wear sun glasses.
  • If the kids will be swimming make sure they wear long sleeve rash guard type swimsuits that are UPF 50.
  • When playing outside make sure the kids wear hats with a wide brim and other sun protection gear like Sun Angels UPF 50 arm sleeves.
  • Try playing in the shade as much as possible
  • Wearing long sleeves and long pants is a good sun protection measure as well as keeping protected from bugs like ticks and mosquitos.
  • Sit under an umbrella when watching soccer or t-ball games and make sure the kids playing are wearing hats and sunscreen!

Spring is a beautiful time of year to be outside so enjoy while being sun smart!

April 19, 2016


Spring Has Sprung

As we are now well into April it is definitely time to jump our sun protection measures into high gear.  Sun protective clothing is the best friend of sun screen.   It can be difficult to apply sun screen to wiggly children and not always easy to apply it liberally enough.  Sun screen and sun protective clothing should be a daily habit as the sun shines brightly.

Follow the tips below to protect your children’s skin:

- Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or greater

- Try natural sunscreens over chemical forms for children with sensitive skin

- Remember to reapply sunscreen after 2 hours and reapply after getting wet

- Play in the shade as often as possible

- Cover up with clothing that covers arms and legs, hats and sun glasses

 -Seek the shade from 10am to 2pm



Summer Sun

Memorial Day weekend tends to mark the unofficial start of summer.  School is almost out and plans are being made for summer.  Whatever your summer entails sun protection will be in order.  

Sun protection is needed anytime you are outside not just at the beach.  Children accumulate a great deal of sun exposure as they spend so much time outside.  It’s also a good idea to keep the kids inside or in the shade between the hours of 10am and 4pm.  A basic summer t-shirt provides an UPF of about 7 so using sun protective clothing and sunscreen on the areas not covered by clothing will provide you with the most protection.   Check the date on your sunscreen as it does expire. 

Starting children when they are young with sun protection will help them create good habits as they get older.  Also, remember to set an example as a parent and wear sun protection yourself!

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