Skincare Tips for Winter Months

Sun protection is always needed when outside no matter the temperature, but as the weather turns cooler change might be in order for your skincare.  Creams are good to use instead of lotions as they are better at retaining moisture in the skin.  Creams are heavier than lotions and usually come in tubs instead of bottles.  It’s good to apply your moisturizer or cream right after a bath or shower to retain the moisture.  Try to limit time in the bath or shower as the hot water is ultimately drying to your skin.  Taking baths every other day might be an option for small children who might have dry skin or eczema.  

Ointments are even thicker than creams with high oil to water concentration which lends to an ointments heavier, greasy feeling.  Ointments are great for lips and cuticles and any skin area that is very dry like knees, elbows and bottom of the feet.

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