Benefits of Sun Protective Clothing

As spring has officially arrived the days will get longer and the sun’s rays will be getting stronger.  For most of us the sun’s rays will be at their strongest between May and August.  This means we will need to think about sun protection as we get the kids outside and enjoy the warmer weather that is sure to come.  

Babies and kids are especially vulnerable to the potential harmful effects of UV light because their skin is thinner and has less melanin than adults. This makes protecting children’s skin a real concern.  Many children also have sensitive skin, which can be irritated by the use of sunblock. 

UPF clothing and accessories provide protection against both UVA and UVB rays and offer an excellent option for babies and kids with skin sensitivities. The Skin Cancer Foundation states that it is best to cover as much skin as possible.  

Sun protection can be a challenging task with kids so it is best to start implementing sun safety measures at a young age and to exhibit good sun protection measures as parents.


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